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Ride On’s annual Give & Ride food drive campaign will run April 23-29!

Give non-perishable food items onboard Ride On from Sunday, April 23 – Saturday April 29, 2017.  Help the Hungry  and Ride FREE!

Help us help the hungry in Montgomery County. Our County is among the wealthiest in the nation, yet 16.3% of the children in the County are food insecure, more than any other county in Maryland.Food donations will be collected on all buses. Receive a free ride each time you donate. More importantly, help us feed the hungry in our community. All donations go to Manna Food and needy area families, including the disabled, seniors and the working poor. To show our thanks, you ride free with a donation.  

March is National Nutrition Month

Whether you are a dietitian, educator, parent, or someone who is just trying to eat a bit better, has resources to help you achieve your healthy eating goals this month, and all year long.
  • Discover healthy eating solutions for everyday life
  • Find tools to set and achieve your goals
  • Watch videos on how simple making healthy choices can be
In Montgomery County, hospitals, government organizations and non-profits work together to provide Nutrition Education programs.  Find one that fits your lifestyle here.

Safe Food Storage

Keep Food Safe! Food Safety Basics

Safe steps in food handling, cooking, and storage are essential in preventing foodborne illness. You can’t see, smell, or taste harmful bacteria that may cause illness. In every step of food preparation, follow the four guidelines to keep food safe:
  • Clean—Wash hands and surfaces often.
  • Separate—Don’t cross-contaminate.
  • Cook—Cook to proper temperatures, checking with a food thermometer.
  • Chill—Refrigerate promptly
Community Food Rescue is designed to recover unused, surplus food from producers by redirecting it to hunger relief organizations who distribute to the public.  These brochures were developed to educate consumers about the food they may receive through food assistance providers and includes information on package dates as well as safe food storage and preparation.  Food Safety information is available for consumers in English and Spanish. For other languages, please visit the Community Food Rescue website. FrenchKoreanMandarinRussian, and Vietnamese.

Announcing 2016 Community Food Rescue mini-grant recipients

Community Food Rescue is  excited to share this year’s recipients of the CFR mini-grants, awarded to non-profit organizations to build their capacity to distribute recovered food to their clients. Thanks to the generous funding of Montgomery County’s DHHS, The Mead Family Foundation, and Burness, the review committee awarded $60,000 to eleven agencies. You can read this blog post for all the details. 

Exercise and Fitness

Exercise can be fun as well as good for your body—and it’s great for mental health. Learn how to incorporate more movement into your life, find the right fitness plan for you, and enjoy yourself while you’re at it. Being physically active can ease depression, relieve stress and anxiety, enhance self-esteem, and improve your whole outlook on life. And you don’t have to spend long, boring hours in a gym to reap these benefits. Whatever your age, health limitations, or fitness levels, you can develop an exercise program that’s fun and rewarding and fits your life. read more Visit our Montgomery County Recreation sites 

Healthy Eating: Easy Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet and Sticking to it from

Healthy eating is not about strict dietary limitations, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, improving your outlook, and stabilizing your mood. If you feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition and diet advice out there, you’re not alone. It seems that for every expert who tells you a certain food is good for you, you’ll find another saying exactly the opposite. But by using these simple tips, you can cut through the confusion and learn how to create a tasty, varied, and healthy diet that is as good for your mind as it is for your body.  read more

Food Supplement Program/SNAP/Food Stamps

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), called the Food Supplement Program (FSP) in Maryland, formerly known as Food Stamps, helps low-income households buy the food they need for good health. Everyone has the right to apply for FSP.

SNAP benefits supplements the grocery budget for low income families and individuals. Many people who receive Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) and Temporary Disability Assistance Program (TDAP) are also eligible to receive Food Stamps. To see if you meet the eligibility requirements for Maryland’s Food Supplement Program (FSP), click here

June is Great Outdoors Month

Montgomery County is home to an array of beautiful parks and recreation centers that provide the perfect setting for outdoor activities. Healthy living activities and programs accessible to Montgomery County youth and adults include weekly farmers markets, educational and athletic day camps for children, sports programs, and easy access to local parks such as the C&O Canal National Historical Park. Being active and spending time outdoors are key elements of living a healthy lifestyle. These services and activities are available to Montgomery County residents of all ages. Access to these programs and centers may vary seasonally. Visit the Montgomery County Parks and Trails Directory for park locations and activities.

For more information, contact the Montgomery County Recreation department at 240-777-6840.

FYI-Programs in our Community

So What Else: Taste and Wellness Curricula provides a variety of programs to students in the county to teach them about the many different ways they can get outside, get active, and stay healthy.

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Physical fitness activities and participation in sports have benefits for both physical and mental health. Various fitness and sports programs are offered throughout the county for children, adolescents, and adults, including exercise classes for parents and toddlers, out-of-school time programs, and seasonal sports teams. A variety of fitness programs are provided in the county to encourage physical activity among residents of all ages.

Contact Montgomery County Recreation department at 240-777-6840 for more information about fitness and sports programs.

FYI-Programs in our Community 

The Korean American Senior Citizens Association offers physical fitness classes to Korean American older adults in Montgomery County. To learn more, call 301-438-7304.

FunFit Tots, offered by Montgomery County Rec, offers fitness classes designed for parents and young children (ages 1-3) to get a great workout while spending time together.

So What Else’s Olympiad program, allows students to experience different physical wellness activities, such as yoga and martial arts, in an Olympic-team style setting.

Unity Thunder basketball, football, and cheerleading programs provide sports teams and mentoring opportunities for boys and girls, ages 5-15.

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