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Choosing a Drug Treatment Program

The process of overcoming a substance addiction is difficult, but not impossible. Each person requires a slightly different treatment plan in order to fully recover and get back to living a healthy life. There are many resources available to find the best drug treatment program for your needs or the needs of your loved one publishes this webpage with useful information on they types of programs available, and tips on how to choose an appropriate program.

The Department of Health and Human Services Screening and Assessment Services for Children and Adolescents (SASCA) Service assesses individual needs and provides information about potential treatment options.

Adventist Health Care Behavioral Health and Wellness Services offers both an Adult and Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program for Chemical Dependency. These programs offer specialized treatment based around a 12-step program to recovery. Individual sessions are included in the program to increase motivation and provide for each participants specific needs.

Suburban Hospital Addiction Treatment Center offers both outpatient and inpatient programs for those recovering from substance abuse and addiction.

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    Callum Palmer


    I do like that you remind your readers that everyone needs a different plan for their own addiction recovery. After all, everybody’s mind works just a little bit differently and, because of that, treatment has to be tailored to them. You can’t just put them on some conveyor belt of treatment procedures and expect it to work.


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